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Thursday, 10 December 2009

sick for two weeks!!

well this all started on thanksgiving break. on the weekend of thanksgiving break i went up to colorado to see my great grandparents. when we got there we were sitting on my grandmas table and my whole family has been sick like my dad had walking pneimonia and my mom had sinece infections.. and stuff and my grandma looked at me and she said, "amber im suprised you havent gotten this stuff and havent been sick.." and i was like i know its crazy.. cuz im usally the one getten sick the most. then that night when i was sittin at her house i wasnt feelin to good.. and i was like great im probably gettin sick. then we went back to the hotel room and i just felt like i was going to throw up and i was so cold and i felt like i had a fever. then the next morining i woke up with like a croopy caugh and a sore throat. and so i couldnt give my grandparaents hug goodbye cuz i was sick and i didnt want to give them anything. so we got home and i still felt really sick.. but the next morning i woke up and i still felt sick but i knew i had to go to school cuz i didnt want to miss anything. so i went and about 3rd period i felt really sick and had a fever and i told my freind kadee i said im sick.. and i asked her to feel my head to see if i had a fever and she felt it and she was like amber your really hot you need to go call home! you have a fever! and i was like no i cant i have to stay and get my work done.. i cant go home! and she was like you need to you have like a high fever.. and i was just like great! so after 3rd period i went to the office and called my mom and i went home. she called the doctors and i so i went to the doctors and all he told me was i have a vuris.. if im not better by thursday i need to go back in!! so that whole week i was dieing of fevers and head aches and body aches.. and chills and everything.. my fevers wouldnt break nothing would. so it was thursday still had fevers and everything.. my mom was like should i call the doctors or maybe just wait one more day.. and i was like i dont care. so we ended up waiting another day and my chest was hurting really bad and still had a terrilbe caugh and my mom was like k your not gettin better and it was friday so my mom called the doctors and we got an appointment at 6 so we went in and i saw a diffrent doctor and he was like oh your lungs dont sound great at all and i couldnt even breath in and out with out caughing and it hurt so bad. so he made me go down and get a chest x-ray cuz my mom told my doctor that my dad had walking pnemonia so i went down there and got an x-ray and brought it back up to the doctor and he took it and looked at it and he goes.. Oh NO! this isnt walking pnemonia this is actaul pnemonia.. and i was like what????? and i was like freaking out! and the doctor showed my mom and told her i have fluied in my lungs and stuff but he said the only reason he isnt going to put me in the hospital is cuz i dont have fluied in like the bottom and thats what is mostly high risk.. so they just gave me antiboicts and stuff and he said if she isnt better by monday and you think she is gettin worse you need to take her to the hosptial.. so over the weekend i still felt like really bad i coudnt breath it hurt so bad.. and finally monday came.. and i still felt the same as friday.. well i went down stairs and i fell asleep and my dad came home and he came down and woke me up and i wouldnt wake up and he was like amber!! amber! and he was gettin nervouse! so he was like are you unconsaous...? and i kinda just like sat there and i was like no.. and he was like whats wrong? and i was like i cant breath... and he was like k go get ready were takin you to the emergency room! and as soon as i heard that i freaked! and i was like no i dont want to go.. i dont want to! and he was like you have to i dont want you to die.. cuz i dont want you to sit here and get worse and slowly die.. no you need help amber! and i was like crying! cuz i didnt feel good and i didnt want to go to the hospital! so he went outside and hurried and shoveld the drive way and i was gettin ready then my mom wanted to wait tell the doctor called back but then i felt like i was going to pass out! so my dad was like lets just go she is going to past out she cant breath were going.. so we took my brothers to my grandmas and we went to the hospital.. we got there and they ask me all these questions and everything then they took me to a room and i went to get a chest x-ray and then i came back and the nurse came in and gave me a breathing treatment! then they looked at my x-ray and they said well you dont have alot of fluied in your lungs you still have pnemonia but i dont think we will need to have you stay over night.. so everything was fine.. but they gave me an inhailer and more antiboctics.. and so i went home and i was war out!! and everything! so i fell alseep and that was just a crazy night! everyone was freaking out they didnt want me to die.. and it was a mess! but i still have pnemonia just not as bad.. and iv missed two weeks of school! its crazy! i hate being sick! iv never been so sick in my life! so i had swine and pnemonia! i think im done being sick wow! some days i felt like i was giong to die.. and yeah. it is so crazy! but i think im finally gettin better i hope! but what a crazy two and half weeks!!

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Donna said...

I hope you get better! Pneumonia is awful but I'm glad you didn't have to stay in the hospital cuz it's not much fun. Good luck catching up in school!